Ray Bradbury (1920-2012)

“So that’s the answer to life. If you can find a person to love, who loves life as much as you do, and loves books as much as you do, grab her or him and get married.” Ray Bradbury

Yesterday we lost a literary lion, Ray Bradbury. More than just an acclaimed American author, Mr. Bradbury was always a good friend to and supporter of libraries and booksellers, and a personal friend of many ABAA members. (He even spoke at one of our California fairs several years ago.) Everyone is familiar with his classic Fahrenheit 451, but the bibliography of Mr. Bradbury’s work is quite extensive and well worth delving into.  Below are just a few of the tributes to Mr. Bradbury that have been posted in the past 24 hours and some past interviews. I think the NEA video gives a glimpse into what an extraordinary man, and writer, Mr. Bradbury was.

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Ray Bradbury on Sci-Fi, God and Robots: The Late Author’s Biggest Ideas [Wired]

“Here lies Ray Bradbury, who loved life completely.”  Rest in Peace, Mr. Bradbury


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